The greatest franchise opportunity since McDonald’s.


This is where moms and dads in small towns can operate magic schools and make additional income.


Or a big corporation can take this opportunity and open up many magic schools in major cities.


The American Magic School and The American Magic Academy are both owned and operated by the International Magicians Society.






The International Magicians Society has been successfully operating American magic schools for over 50 years.



1- Magic helps children get rid of shyness.


2- Magic helps children to understand what seems to be impossible has a simple solution.


3- Magic helps children improve their problem-solving skills.


4- Magic helps children stand in front of people and perform their magic.


5- Magic helps children become better spokespersons and better communicators.


6- Magic helps children gain self-confidence.


7- Overall, magic helps children become better students for years to come, as well as help them become successful at whatever they do in life.


Below this proposal, you’ll find several videos showing you how children benefits from Magic


The entire semester consists of 36 weeks.


The American magic school has a 3 year program:

The first year is level one.

The second year is level two.

And third year is level three.


At the end of each semester, the children get their graduation certificates.


The parents do not have to make a commitment and sign up for all 3 semester. They can sign up each year, as they go along.


The International Magicians Society licenses and franchises American magic schools throughout the world. The franchising fee per American magic school is a one-time fee of $20,000 USD. With that, the International Magicians Society provides everything that the new magic school needs to start operating.


For example, the IMS will train teachers how to handle each situation, what to teach each week and how, and all the other necessary information that the school needs to operate successfully.


We also teach you how to find parents that will be suitable, as well as teach you how to approach the parents, what to tell them, and how to convince them to sign up their children for the first semester.


The person or company who buys the American magic school franchise can make $100,000 USD or more in each semester.


The kids come to the American magic school once a week for 90 minutes. And the semester consists of 36 weeks.


Each parent pays $2,000 USD for the semester of 36 weeks. If the American magic school has a minimum of 50 students, that’s $100,000 USD income.


The American magic school classes can be in a small room with a TV set and a minimum of 10 small chairs for 10 kids.


The school operator can have 5 classes, where 10 kids can be in each class. Every two hours, a new class starts. 5 classes can happen all in one day of the week. And that day can be Saturday or Sunday.


Basically, the American magic school operator can make $100,000 USD in 36 weeks working one day per week.


When you purchase the franchise, if you choose, you can start small by having only 15 or 20 students. With 15 students you’ll be making $30,000 USD. And with 20 students, you’ll be making $40,000 USD.


As you can see, even with a very small class, you’ll be making enough money to pay the one-time franchise fee, plus make a nice profit.


By purchasing the license from the International Magicians Society, the franchisee has the opportunity to use the International Magicians Society’s name and teaching curriculum, as well as the International Magician Society’s certifications.


When the children graduate from the American magic school, they receive their graduation certificate from the United States. Each certificate costs $10 USD. They are from the International Magicians Society’s World Headquarters in New York. The parents pay for the certificates.


The International Magicians Society also sells franchise rights for the entire country for $100,000 USD. And the franchisee has the right to open as many American magic schools as they want in their country.


Below, you will find videos that you can show to parents.


1- Why Magic is The Best Hobby for Kids




2- Issy Simpson AGT performance: it shows how children develop excellent personalities




3- Steve Harvey, Girl Memorizing Deck, Tony Hassini