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If you know a child in your community, you can give them the gift of magic.  Think about this.  A Two-Year membership will put the child onto a magical path that will change their life.

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With your membership package, you will receive your 2-year membership card, and, as a bonus, you will receive 5 free downloadable videos.


You will also receive a discount code that you can use to save 50% on our video library.


After you apply for your membership and pay for it, you can then either email us or text us your photo.  Don't worry about the photo's size.  We will resize it for you.


If you are going to email the photo, please email it to and on the subject line write "New Member".  On the email, give us your photo and your name, so that the membership department can match the photo to your membership card and mail it out to you.


If you choose to text your photo, you can text the photo to +1-702-493-0079.  And once again, please give us your name with your photo, so your photo can be matched with your name on your membership card.


$19.95 will get you a 2-year membership.  There are no additional fees or dues.  You do not have to buy anything.  There are no automatic renewals.  You can cancel your membership at any time.