IMS Local Chapter 4
Morgan Strebler Chapter IMS local chapter 4  


Hey Guys,

I made special arrangements with our board of directors for me to offer the VIP membership only to my chapter members, where the VIP membership is only $50 per year.

The only way you can qualify for this membership is for me to sponsor you. So if you decide to join the VIP membership, let me know and I will sponsor you.

Here's the best part. If you lock it in at $50 per year membership, this membership will never go up in price. It will be locked in under the grandfather laws. And the IMS World Headquarters cannot raise the yearly VIP membership fee. And you will be getting a new trick every week, as long as you're a VIP member.

You can always cancel your membership. There is no obligation on your part, other than taking advantage of this offer right now.

Your chapter president,

Morgan Strebler
(702) 300-4522