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Classical Magic DVD Set


The Classical Magic DVD Series has been in production for the last 15 years. We visited magic collectors, such as Ken Klosterman, Bill MacIlhany, and many others. We took the greatest tricks ever invented and videotaped them, with presentation and explanations. If you are looking for new or original tricks and ideas, look no further . Classical Magic has it all. Classical Magic has great nostalgic value. You will actually see the original tricks and illusions used by the greatest magicians who ever lived.

Bold statement: If you visit 50 magic shops and 50 magic conventions, you will not see or learn 10% of the tricks we will teach you in this series.

Another Bold Statement: One trick in this series is worth more than the price of the entire 30-Volume Set: Alexander Hermann's Beheading The Assistant. No black art. Can be done under ANY lighting conditions.

The purpose of this series is to give you a vast knowledge of the different types of props and apparatus that are used in magic so you can better plan and design your magic shows.

At the same time, it will introduce you to the value of collecting magic. If you are already a magic collector, then this is an opportunity to see some of the rare magic that you may have wanted to add to your collection.

If you are a magic collector and would like to have your valuable collection preserved on video for insurance purposes and, at the same time, share your collection with our I.M.S. members, please call (516) 333-2377.

The Classical Magic 30-Volume DVD Set is currently on sale for $180!



Classical Magic DVD Disk 1:
Volume 1: Stan Wojnicki Collection
Volume 2: Larry Weeks Collection
Volume 3: Larry Weeks Collection
Volume 4: Dr. Lewis W. Neporent Collection
Volume 5: William H. MacIlhany Collection
Classical Magic DVD Disk 4:
Volume 16: Gary Darwin Collection
Volume 17: Gary Darwin Collection
Volume 18: Gary Darwin Collection
Volume 19: Gary Darwin Collection
Volume 20: Gary Darwin Collection

Classical Magic DVD Disk 2:
Volume 6: William H. MacIlhany Collection
Volume 7: William H. MacIlhany Collection
Volume 8: William H. MacIlhany Collection
Volume 9: William H. MacIlhany Collection
Volume 10: William H. MacIlhany Collection

Classical Magic DVD Disk 5:
Volume 21: Gary Darwin Collection
Volume 22: Ken Klosterman Collection
Volume 23: Ken Klosterman Collection
Volume 24: Ken Klosterman Collection
Volume 25: Ken Klosterman Collection
Classical Magic DVD Disk 3:
Volume 11: Gary Darwin Collection
Volume 12: Gary Darwin Collection
Volume 13: Gary Darwin Collection
Volume 14: Gary Darwin Collection
Volume 15: Gary Darwin Collection
Classical Magic DVD Disk 6:
Volume 26: Ken Klosterman Collection
Volume 27: Ken Klosterman Collection
Volume 28: Ken Klosterman Collection
Volume 29: Ken Klosterman Collection
Volume 30: Kamarr Collection