2022 Yearbook

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Shin Lim

Magician of The Year



Mentalist of The Year


Tim White

Outstanding Achievements In The Art of Magic


Jean Paul Olhaberry

Best Escape Artist


Robin Channing

Best Metal Bending Magician


Chi-Ling Liu

Best Musical Magician


The Great Throwdini

Lifetime Achievement


Cyril Takayama

Most Original Magician of The Decade


Mike Michaels

Illusion Designer & Builder of The Decade


Niels Duinker

Juggler of The Decade


Alexx Alexxander

Illusionist of The Decade


John Caluwaert

Restaurant Magician of The Decade


Drake Devan

Corporate Magician of The Decade


Danny T

Magic Show Organizer of The Decade


David Saxe

Best Variety Show Producer of the Decade



Corporate Magician of The Year 2022


Dylan Murray

Best Close-up Magician Ireland 2022


Tijo Varghese

Outstanding Performance in Magic 2022