2011 Yearbook
2011 Yearbook  

We kicked off 2011 on January 4 with a million dollar publicity event for Ali Raj in Bangladesh.

Every TV and radio station, as well as all six newspapers of Bangladesh, covered the event.

This was not an accident or luck. This was a very well-planned Merlin Award presentation event. Months in advance, we had communicated with the media and press to organize this event.

On the day of the award presentation, the media was invited to a five star hotel, The Hotel Sonargaon, where they was plenty of food and champagne and each received their press kits and individual interviews. Below are the pictures. One picture tells a thousand words.

The event was sponsored by Mojo, which is Bangladesh's largest soft drink company.

For the printable versions, click on each picture to enlarge.

March 2, 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada
Merlin Award Banquet Party

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On May 11, 2011, the Governer of Florida and the Mayor of Panama City
recognized the Merlin Award.
See the proclamation letters below.
Panama City newspapers, radio, and TV covered the Merlin Award presentation
to Noah Wells, which was sponsored by Gulf World and
the International Magicians Society.


Gino, The Magic Pharaoh
appears at the
Casino Du Liban
with his full evening magic & illusion show
wins the Merlin Award for
Best Stage Magic Middle East 2011

Gino, The Magic Pharoah
also stars in his own TV show in
Beirut, Lebanon