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Today, August 8, 2017, my dearest friend, Eugene Burger, passed away. I am heartbroken and speechless.


I asked my dear friend, John Caluwaert from Chicago and IMS legal counsel, to help me write up the following eulogy.


Eugene Burger


June 1, 1939 - August 8, 2017


A philosopher, a religion historian, and graduate of the Divinity school from Yale University, Eugene Burger is best known to our fraternity as one of American's greatest magician and mentalists of bizarre magic.


Eugene was born in 1939 and was based in Chicago, Illinois. He is the author of numerous books and presentations of close-up magic where most of us have found something that has become a unique part of our magical life.


Eugene frequently taught at the McBride Magic and Mystery School. He was also considered one of the 100 most influential magicians of the 20th century by Magic Magazine. The list of his accomplishments and awards seem never ending.


Eugene will always be remembered as one of those infrequent giants that have made our art of magic what it is today.


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